We have several projects that we support:

  • SPHS Mobile Meals (*) -- we have three two-week periods stretched over a given calendar year.  Covid-19 rules slow us down a little bit. Doing it by yourself slows it a little more. Two people pick up the pace. So a typical lunch route can take between 40-60 minutes.
  • Adopt-a-Park Florence Park (Prairie du Sac) -- located close to the back side of the High School, we've been taking care of Florence Park for several years now. Among the bits we do are: spring clean up, installed (and now maintain) a rain garden, added a set of exercise equipment, installed a little library and, on occasion, paint everything that doesn't move.
  • Fire on the River Kids Area -- also skipped during Covid, this event brings in kids games and bounce houses on the Saturday of Fire on the River-Sauk Prairie's Fourth of July celebration. It's a hopping event. 
  • Bald Eagle Watching Days (BEWD) Pancake Breakfast -- an event this club has been doing for a very long time (*). We serve breakfast (8-noonish) in the High School Commons on the Saturday of BEWD. 
  • Kiwanis and Cops and Kids -- our newest project (2021) is focused on partnering with the Sauk Prairie Police Department on a project that gets books into the hands of the children of our community.
  • SPPD's Bicycle Safety Program -- When it started, it was bicycle rodeo. We've been pitching in since it started. We feed people!

(*) These events were being done by this Kiwanis Club before the author of this article joined the club--way back in 1999!

Well, actually, it's pretty simple:

  • Fill out an application and
  • Write a check that covers your dues.

And it's complicated:

  • Your application will be discussed and voted on at the next business meeting
  • The amount of your check will depend on the month you join in the year AND whether or not you are a former SLP member.

Once you're accepted, then:

  • We give you an induction (a big word for celebrating you joining our club) and
  • Give you an orientation (we don't want to confuse you, but there is a whole lot to learn and become involved in)