Did you miss us in 2021?

We missed you!

We're back in the Sauk Prairie High School Commons on Saturday January 15, 2022.

Come hang out with the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council's Bald Eagle Watching Days--and stop by to see us!

We'll be there between 8am and 12pm.

Our menu includes: pancakes (of course!), sausage, biscuits and gravy, and the usual beverages.

Prices have been changed--$10 per person for people who are 10 years old or older, $5 for people that are 4-9, people under 3 years old or younger eat for free.

Take out will be available.

Businesses wanting a spot on the placemat should use the link in the "Oooh, Pancakes" menu to order their spot.

Folks wanting to get their tickets ahead of time can use the order form under that same menu-your tickets will be held by the cashier waiting for your pickup!