Reading is one of the most important skills we have! It opens up so many possibilities!

The Sauk Prairie Kiwanis Club (SPKiwanis) is partnering with the Sauk Prairie Police Department (SPPD) to establish a local Cops and Kids program. The SPKiwanis provides the books and the SPPD hands them out. YOU can give us a jump-start!

Do you have picture books, easy readers or beginner chapter books to pass along? Have your children have outgrown them? Would you be willing to donate them to a good cause?

Read on!

To kick off the program, we’ll be stuffing one of SPPD’s cruisers on Saturday, June 12th from 10am until 12pm in the MS/HS bus lot.

The books will be sorted for distribution to students over the summer. While we don’t have all the details at the time of this message, we are expecting to make the distribution as exciting as we can.

If you want to keep up to date with this program, please follow Sauk Prairie Kiwanis on Facebook (@SaukPrairieKiwanis).

You can learn more about both of the original Cops and Kids Foundation and the Kiwanis 'n Cops 'n Kids program by following the links at the bottom of this page.